Out Of Line Homestory Episode 4 - Chris Pohl (Blutengel, She Hates Emotions)


A very productive day in the studio with Chris Pohl
What happens to musicians that are not allowed to play live? They get bored! And what do bored musicians do when you give them a camera? Well, soon you will know. Welcome to Out Of Line Homestories, where our bands get creative to help themselves and their fans through those weird times! For example watch Blutengel/She Hates Emotions Mastermind Chris Pohl writing his next hit!
Order & Listen She Hates Emotions album "Melancholic Maniac": https://SheHatesEmotions.lnk.to/MelancholicManiac
Listen to the new Blutengel single "Wir sind Unsterblich": https://Blutengel.lnk.to/WirSindUnsterblich
Listen to the Blutengel/Hocico cooperation "Obscured": https://BlutengelHocico.lnk.to/Obscured
More cool videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/outofline1995
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